Mélanie Holt
Inner Gravity Rolfing
Portland, Oregon
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Welcome to Inner Gravity Rolfing®

I am very excited to tell you that as of September 15th 2015, IGR will be located In North Portland

Work, sports, injuries, everyday life can wear out our bodies and make us tired, in pain or uncomfortable in our own skin. If you feel that your movements are restricted, or that your muscles are tight when you go for that swing on the green, when you lift your arms to put up drywall, when you sit down at your desk or in your car, then Rolfing can help you regain range of motion and ease of movement in gravity.

Whoever you are ROLFING® structural integration can help your body be free of restrictions, tensions, and pain.

Times of operation are pretty flexible so call me to make an appointment.

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When the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously the body heals itself.

– Dr. Ida P. Rolf



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